It's 2020. We Should have a Modern Writing App for Authors

Some time ago, my brother and I wanted to write a fantasy book. We expected to spend our time building our world, creating characters, plotting scenes to create a truly unique world for our readers...

What we never expected was to spend hours searching for a writing app online that could help us organize all this, write the book and convert it into a publishable format.

Google Docs and our old note-taking apps were just not going to cut it - And all the other apps we found were either only for Mac, too expensive, or too complicated!

We couldn't find a single modern web application out there that fit our requirements and gave us a simple, easy, and flexible experience in writing our book.

The Solution

And so Scrilys was born. Scrilys is the one-stop shop for authors to write their story, structure and organize it, and easily export it to a publishable format. Finally self publishing a book is not this tedious task of working with a dozen apps!

Scrilys is a modern web application which combines the best parts of all the existing writing tools out there, built from the ground up with authors in mind, and leveraging the latest technology to deliver a seamless end to end experience.

And it's all web-based - so you can access it on your browser from any device.

Some of our Core Features include:
  • A clean rich text editor
  • Folder organization
  • Sortable and searchable cards
  • Colored tags
  • Grid view
  • New workspaces for your books
  • Multi-format export functionality